Helderberg Mountain Forest Products

Serving the Capital District since 1970

Location: Altamont, NY

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Phone: 518-355-3200

E-mail: Helderbergmountain@gmail.com

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Twenty years of experience in the manufacture of mulch using only virgin forest material has enabled us to develop and produce a long lasting all-natural premium mulch product.

             Our unique shredding and sizing process, developed over years of experimentation, enables us to provide you with consistently sized mulch that spreads easily and uniformly. Coarse mulch allows weed growth, attracts insects, and is more difficult to install. Fine mulches tend to wash and blow away and decompose faster. As Goldilocks would say, “Ours is just right!”

             Unlike mulch sold by many of our competitors, we use no recycled wood pallets, demolition wood, landfill debris, treated wood, municipal waste or sewage in any of our mulches. Because we do not use any of these recycled materials, you will not encounter garbage, metal, plastics, weed seeds, lead, pesticides, herbicides or arsenic in our mulch.

             We can deliver to you or supply your favorite landscaper 7 days a week at wholesale direct prices.

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